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What does Green Pet do?

As is true for humans, nutrition is the cornerstone of your animal’s health.  Green Pet provides products that are made from human-grade ingredients and contain no by-products, no chemical preservatives, corn or fillers.  We believe your pet deserves premium nutrition and we provide top brands in all-natural pet food.

How can I change my pet's diet?

For many years the accepted standard was to feed your dog or cat the same food forever because changing their diet would “make them sick”. Now we know that changing your pet’s food is simply a matter of introducing the new food gradually. Every pet reacts differently to new elements introduced into their diet.  If your dog or cat is used to switching foods, you may be able to accelerate the schedule.  By the same token, if your pet experiences digestive issues (particularly soft or runny stools) while transitioning, it may be necessary to extend each step of the transition.

DAYS 1 – 4

Feed 25% new food with 75% of existing diet

DAYS 5 – 9

Feed 50% new food & 50% existing diet

DAYS 10 – 14

Feed 75% new food & 25% existing diet

Green Pet offers in-person food consultations to educate and encourage our customers to take a holistic approach to caring for their pets. We’ll set you up with some free samples to see which foods your pet might like and send you home with a food transition schedule to eliminate any side-effects. It really is that easy!

Why is a natural diet important for animals?

There are countless benefits that stem from providing an all-natural diet for your pet.  Most allergy problems can be solved by changing the diet.  You may see brighter teeth, a thicker or shinier coat, more energy and less waste (yes, it’s true!).

Check out this blog post for more information!

Does your site require cookies to be enabled in my web browser in order to shop?

Like many websites, “cookie” technology.  A “cookie” is a small data file.  We may store cookies on your hard drive.  Cookies help us know when you come back to our Site.  Cookies also help us “remember” information about you.  We may try to remember things such as what products you prefer and your log-in information.  Personal Information may be tied to these cookies.  We do this to help bring you a better shopping experience.  It can make check out faster.  It also helps us make shopping more personal to you.  If you have a cat and not a dog, we may use cookies to know to show you deals on cat toys and not dog bowls.  You can set your browser to not accept cookies.  If you do not accept cookies, however, you cannot buy online or log-in to your accounts.

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